How Do You See Yourself? What is Your Identity?

Rich Habits
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Self-awareness is the first Rich Habit (Rich Habit #1) because it is the most important Rich Habit. Without self-awareness, change is impossible.

Humans have a strongly rooted drive to act in a way that is consistent with their Identity.

Each of us has an Identity. We see ourselves as something. This might be smart, not smart, fat, skinny, happy, unhappy, hard working, lazy, upbeat & positive or pessimistic & negative, a CPA, Attorney, Teacher, etc.

Amazingly, we can also see ourselves as who we want to be – our Future Identiy.

Since, 2010, the Future Identity that has been guiding me, has been JC Jobs. JC is a characters in a number of my books. He represents the ideal, future, best version of Tom Corley.

Every day, I try to talk like JC Jobs, act like JC, think like JC Jobs and make decisions I believe JC would make.

Now, when I need to make a difficult decision, I have the habit of asking myself, “what would JC do?”

Having an ideal, Future Identity gives you a guidepost to follow in life. It’s like a map or GPS that directs your thinking, actions and decision-making.

Those who embrace their Future Identity end up adopting new habits, new behaviors, new thinking and new decision-making, that they believe their Future Identity would have. Also, when you accept your new Future Identity, you will find yourself naturally inclined to associate with individuals who your new Future Identity would associate with.

Interestingly, because old habits, old behaviors, old thinking and old decision-making are always tied to your Old Identity, once you adopt a new Future Identity, you no longer need them and they die away naturally. Also, certain relationships, tied to your Old Identity, will fade away naturally, replaced by new relationships.

So, if you want to change your life, if you want to improve your circumstances or if you want to be someone you would be proud and admire, you must change how you see yourself – you must change your Identity.


My recommendation is to write down exactly who your Future Identity is. Be as detailed as possible. Describe what habits they have, what they do each day, their mindset, the type of important decisions they make and who they associate with.

Once your new Future Identity becomes crystal clear in your mind, your Old Identity will begin to fade away and your life will improve incrementally, over time, as you grow into your Future Identity.