How to Break Free From Toxic Friends

Rich Habits
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One of the most important Rich Habits is growing relationships with other success-minded individuals. These relationships lift you up in life and open doors that are otherwise closed to you. One of the most common Poor Habits, almost everyone has, is maintaining relationships with toxic individuals who drag youu down in life: they ask for money, engage in negative gossip about you or a close family member, throw you under the bus to protect themselves, or they drag you into their drama and problems.

It’s not easy to just turn off a long-term Toxic Relationship because they were very likely forged over many years. There’s just a lot of history there. Consequently, I’m constantly asked the same question, which is:

How do I distance myself from Toxic Relationships?

One common thread with Toxic Relationships is that these individuals eventually cross the line and when that happens there’s always a lull in the relationship following an event. Their M.O., or routine, is to try to repair their relationship with you by offering an apology or by doing something nice for you.

This lull, however, represents your opportunity to pull back and distance yourself. Your reaction should be to ignore their entreaties, pull back and distance yourself from them permanently.

The next step is to make a habit of limiting your exposure to any other Toxic Relationships you might have. Limit your contact with them as much as possible. This sends a message to them that the relationship is not going to continue as it did in the past.

Eventually, the Toxic Relationship will move on to other people who are more tolerable of their toxic behavior.

Remember, Rich Relationships are the currency of the wealthy.

If you are pursuing success, you must forge relationships with similarly-minded, success-oriented people and avoid, like the plaque, any associations with toxic people. Toxic Relationships will throw wrenches along your path towards success.

Rich Relationship types, conversely, with help lift you up and assist you in your journey.



  1. Wesley on July 15, 2021 at 9:22 AM

    There are a lot of options other than perfectly acting rich people and horrible poor people. You left out maybe 98% of the population.

  2. Diane on July 15, 2021 at 9:56 AM

    I’ve removed a few toxic family members out of my life in the past and boy was that hard! It took years but now that the interaction are very limited it’s like night and day.

  3. Paul Curley on July 15, 2021 at 10:14 AM

    I wish I could put in a clapping gif. Well stated. Thank you.