How Do You Find Your Main Purpose in Life?

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When you find your life’s purpose, that thing you were born to do, you know it. There is no doubt. You are 100% certain.

Conversely, if you have any doubts about whether you are pursuing a career that is your life’s purpose, the answer is you are not.

Constant doubt or uncertainty is your brain’s way of notifying you that you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing.

Unfortunately, most of us never discover our main purpose in life. We put our ladder on someone else’s wall and then spend the rest of our lives climbing that ladder.

You know your ladder is on the wrong wall when you hate your job or your work bores you. And your displeasure shows up in your paycheck or net profit.

Not doing what you’re supposed to be doing, causes unhappiness, financial struggle and stress.

So, how do you find your main purpose in life?

The key to finding your main purpose is discovering some hidden innate talent that is unique to you.

So how do you find your hidden talent?

Through Experimentation!

We all have innate talents. These unique talents are hardwired into our DNA.

But finding your innate talent requires experimentation.

If you’re young, explore various professions until you find one that you were born to do.

If you’re not young, your time to experiment will be limited to mornings, nights and weekends. Finding your innate talent on a part-time basis will take you longer. It may take as long as six months for each new activity you experiment with.

How do you know when you’ve found something you were born to do?

Your hidden talent is revealed in two ways:

#1 It’s Easy – Your talent is revealed any time you try something new, and right out of the gate, that new thing comes easy to you. Being a quick study or a natural at something is life’s way of informing you that you have unearthed some unique innate talent – a talent specific only to you.

#2 Excitement – Your talent is also revealed to you when engaging in it makes your heart sing. Passion is the song your heart sings. Passion is toggled on when you find an innate talent. That passion will possess you. It will stimulate you. You will find yourself wanting to engage in your talent 24/7, on weekends, holidays and vacations. You will dream about it. It will wake you up early in the morning.

Once you find your innate talent, your job then is to devote the rest of your life to perfecting that talent.

If your talent is knowledge-based, it will drive you to increase your knowledge by reading to learn, daily study and relentlessly seeking knowledge from those who are experts in what they do.

If your talent is skill-based, it will motivate you to devote many hours to practice in an effort to improve and perfect your skills.

In both cases, whether it be a knowledge-based or skill-based talent, passion will transform you into a Virtuoso.

And the world is more than happy to pay a premium for the services Virtuoso’s provide. That premium results in greater compensation, which, when saved and prudently invested, can translate into millions of dollars (wealth).

When you find your unique talent, you have found your main purpose in life.

And when you find your main purpose in life, everything about your life will change for the better.


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