How to Remove Negative, Limiting Beliefs and Replace Them With Positive, Uplifting Beliefs

Rich Habits

Many of your current daily habits are the offspring of your values, goals, dreams and also your beliefs.

Habits that spring forth from your beliefs are among the hardest habits to break.

Most of our beliefs came from our parents and the community/culture we were raised in. If any of these beliefs are negative, limiting beliefs, you will forge habits that interfere with your ability to succeed and live a life of abundance.

Most of us are not even aware of the negative and limiting beliefs we have – they’re that ingrained from childhood. And this is a big problem because lack of awareness means you have no idea why your are struggling in life. Negative, limiting beliefs are like an anchor dragging you down into failure, poverty and a life of misery.

If you want to be wealthy and successful in life, you need to become aware of negative, limiting beliefs you were infected with during your upbringing. So, awareness is the starting point in removing and replacing those beliefs. Here’s how:

Step #1 List Your Beliefs – For one week, write down everything you believe. Be 100% honest with yourself about every one of your beliefs. Here’s some examples:

  • I believe I am smart, stupid or of average intelligence
  • I believe I am ugly, good looking or average looking
  • I believe I am hard working, lazy or somewhere in the middle
  • Money is good or evil
  • Rich people are inherently good or inherently evil
  • Rich people are generous or cheap
  • Poor people are better people than rich people

Keep a pad with you and as your beliefs pop into your head while walking, watching TV, reading, eating, etc., write them down.

Step #2 Identify Each Negative, Limiting Belief You Possess.

Step #3 Select One Negative, Limiting Belief You Want to Remove.

Step #4 Invert Your Negative Belief and Write it Down. Example: Limiting Belief: I Am Lazy becomes I Am Hardworking.

Step #5 100 Day Challenge – For 100 consecutive days, read your new belief affirmation in the morning and at night. If you meditate, introduce your new belief into your meditation sessions.

Changing your belief will take more than 100 days, but the 100 Day Challenge helps build the neurological infrastructure inside your brain for your new belief to take root.

After that first 100 days, select a new negative, limiting belief you would like to invert, create an affirmation and devote another 100 days reading your new belief affirmation.

In one year’s time you will have replaced 3 negative, limiting beliefs with three uplifting beliefs. In time, you will forge habits that are consistent with your new beliefs and your life will begin to change for the better.



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