How Top Achievers Walk, Talk and Think

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The top 1% walk, talk and think differently from the rest of society.

How the Top 1% Walk

When you walk the walk of top 1% achievers, it means you are behaving like a top 1% achiever. The top 1% have certain ritual behaviors that put them on the path towards success. What are some of those behaviors?

  • The Top 1% Took Care of Their Bodies: 76% engaged in 20 – 30 minutes of cardio, four or more days a week. That’s running, jogging, brisk walking, biking, swimming, etc. It doesn’t cost any money to run, jog or walk, so this is a habit anyone can mimic.  75% of the top 1% avoided fast food restaurants. Fast food is unhealthy food. Too much can lead to obesity and other health problems.
  • The Top 1% Were Readers: 85% of the top 1% read two or more books every month and 88% read 30 minutes or more each day. What did they read? 51% read about history, 55% read self-help, 58% read biographies of successful people and 79% read educational material.
  • The Top 1% Networked: 86% networked with people who could help them realize their dreams and their goals.
  • The Top 1% Were Decision Makers: 91% of the Big Company Climbers and Entrepreneurs in my Rich Habits Study were decision makers at their place of business. They made big decisions and lived with the consequences of those decisions. They took action and did not overthink things.
  • The Top 1% Had Good Etiquette: 75% sent thank you cards, holiday cards, and other cards for special occasions.  They said please, thank you and may I. They looked others in the eyes while listening. They acknowledged birthdays, anniversaries and important events in the lives of those they cared about. They did not criticize others, condemn others or complain to or about others.
  • The Top 1% Pursued Things They Were Passionate About: 82% pursued something they were passionate about. Passion is like a light switch. When it is turned on it endows you with an unlimited supply of persistence, and persistence is the #1 common trait of all successful people.
  • The Top 1% Set and Pursued Big Goals: 55% pursued one singular goal for more than one year.
  • The Top 1% Said No Often: They made a habit out of saying NO to people and things that interfere with the important things they wanted to accomplish in life. It’s hard to say no, but learning to say no is an important time management tool the top 1% relied on heavily.

How the Top 1% Talk

Constant communication is a prerequisite to building strong relationships. The top 1% are great communicators and because of that they are able to build strong, long-lasting relationships. What are some of the communication strategies I uncovered in my research?

  • The Top 1% Do Not Gossip: 94% avoided gossip. Most gossip is negative and can do irreparable harm to your relationships. Since the top 1% are fanatics when it comes to building strong relationships, gossip is something they avoid like the plague.
  • The Top 1% Made Happy Birthday Calls: 80% made happy birthday calls to the people who were important to them. Happy birthday calls serve to keep your important relationships on life support but, interestingly, 25% of those you call will eventually reciprocate and call you on your birthday, taking your relationship off life support.
  • The Top 1% Made Hello Calls: 80% regularly called those they wanted to build a strong relationships with. One of the tools they used was the Hello Call – regular calls to say hello and gather information on their relationships.
  • The Top 1% Made Life Event Calls: Life event calls, such as calling someone to congratulate them on the birth of a child, an award or a promotion, creates strong emotional bonds that allow you to grow your relationships. Making a life event call is like putting your relationships on steroids, due to the emotional element associated with these calls.
  • The Top 1% Vet Their Thoughts: 94% did not say what was on their mind. They restrained themselves. This allowed them to gather their thoughts about how to effectively communicate something that was important.

How the Top 1% Think

Any mental thought, often repeated, becomes a habit. Habitual thoughts make you who you are. The top 1% are rich because of the way they habitually think. Their habitual thinking comes first and their habitual behavior follows that thinking. If you habitually think a certain way, you will habitually act a certain way. Getting into the top 1% requires great thoughts. To become rich you have to learn how to think like the top 1%. What are some of the thinking habits of the top 1%?

  • The Top 1% Believed in Themselves: 79% believed they could rise from poverty or the middle-class to wealth. 90% did not believe in fate. They believed they were the architects of their lives.
  • The Top 1% Believed Hard Work Trumped Intelligence: 90% believed hard work was more important than a high IQ.
  • The Top 1% Believed That Persistence Creates Good Luck: 92% believed they created their own good luck by relentlessly pursuing something they were passionate about. They were persistently patient in their pursuit of their dreams and goals. It took the average Entrepreneur in my Rich Habits Study 12 years to succeed in realizing their dream and becoming rich.
  • The Top 1% Were Optimists: 54% believed their optimism was a critical factor in their success.
  • The Top 1% Controlled Their Emotions: 81% made a habit of controlling their negative emotions such as anger, envy, resentment and hate. This made it easier for others to do business with them.
  • The Top 1% Believed Honesty was the Best Policy: 85% told the truth all the time. They never lied. Being perceived as honest helps build trust, a foundation for success and strong relationships.



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