Humility is a Hallmark of The Successful. Here’s Why

Rich Habits
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Humility is a hallmark of self-made, successful people. The reason for this is that successful, self-made millionaires are made humble during their journey towards success.

They become humble because they are forced to endure so much adversity in the form of failure, mistakes, unexpected consequences and outright bad luck, during their pursuit of success.

That adversity is a humbling experience.

When things go wrong, success-minded people seek the truth, rather than someone to blame. Sometimes the truth is that you screwed up.

Self-made millionaires have no choice but to park their egos and learn from their mistakes, which forces them to grow and improve.

This taking personal responsibility for their failures and mistakes, becomes a habit that sticks with them the rest of their lives.

Those who never take risks in pursuit of success, have a penchant for assigning blame to everything that goes wrong in their lives. They have the Poor Habit of avoiding responsibility when things go wrong. These Blame Shifters are not interested in the truth. Instead, they outsource the blame for the mistakes/failures to someone or something else. 

Consequently, they never learn from their mistakes/failure and that means they never grow and improve. 

You must avoid Blame Shifting like the plague. Also, you must never allow Blame Shifters to become part of your inner circle, while you are pursuing success.

Blame Shifters will infect you with their Poor Habit of avoiding personal responsibility and blaming some external factor for mistakes and failures.

Blame Shifting prevents you from seeking out the truth as to what went wrong.