If You Feel Stuck That’s Because You’re Not Doing What You’re Supposed to be Doing

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“I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.”

This line from the 1976 movie Network, became famous because it hit a nerve.

There are many who feel as if they are stuck in life: stuck in a job they either hate or don’t like, stuck in toxic relationships, stuck with cash flow problems.

If you feel stuck, that’s your brain’s subconscious telling you that you are on the wrong track in life. You brain is screaming out at you that it’s mad has hell because you are not living the life you are supposed to be living.

Knowing your life is not what you intended, yet doing nothing to change it, is why you’re stuck.

Too many put up barriers to change in the form of limiting beliefs: I’m not good enough, not smart enough, I lack a proper education, I’m not knowledgeable or I lack marketable skills.

According to my Rich Habits Study data, and supported by various studies and reports, 69-80% of all millionaires are self-made.

Self-made means they were raised in either poor households or middle-class households.

How is it possible that so many born and raised in poverty or in the middle-class are able to break free from their poverty or mediocre lives and achieve success?

The fact is, success in life requires that you change into the person you need to be in order for success to visit you.

Growth Habits are your transportation system to change.

Growth Habits are daily habits that allow you to improve incrementally, every day: reading to learn, pursuit of goals tied to your dreams, experimentation with new things in order to find your innate talents, creating a clear vision of your ideal, future life, taking calculated risks, starting a side gig.

Growth Habits automate change and help you to create the life you were intended to live. Growth Habits get you unstuck.


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