It’s Not About Time Management – It’s About Priorities

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Thanks to the discoveries I made in my Rich Habits research, I have learned how critical it is, to my success, to adopt the habits of self-made millionaires. One of the habits I adopted is something I call my Daily Three.

Since 2010, I have focused on pursuing three things that help move me forward in realizing my dreams and achieving goals. These are three identical things that I do every day until I realize a dream or achieve an important goal. Once that dream or goal is realized or achieved, I set my sights on my next dream and next goal and then create a new Daily Three, just for them.

What I’m talking about here is priorities.

How many priorities do you have every day? Do you even have any priorities? If you have no priorities than you are like a leaf on a fall day, floating around aimlessly, without direction.

I have found that the magic number of priorities most of the successful individuals in my Rich Habits Study were able to tackle was between 3-5 priorities. Three to five is the magic number. Less than 3 and you won’t get very far on your dreams and goals. More than 5 and you will likely get overwhelmed.

Start creating your top 3-5 daily priorities and automate them by pre-populating them on a daily to-do list. The to-do list serves as your accountability partner; your external motivation to get done what you need to get done.

Don’t be a leaf on a fall day.


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  1. Dan@RichLifeHabits on July 20, 2021 at 8:50 AM

    I have a similar practice that I started to do every morning. I start with 3 things I’m grateful for then finish the sentence, “Today will be successful if…”

    That has helped me complete the important things pushing me toward my goals.