Journaling Your Way to a Positive Mental Outlook and Increased Prosperity

Rich Habits
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In a study conducted by Michael McCollough of Southern Methodist University and Robert Emmons of the University of California, they found that the group of individuals in their study who wrote down positive, grateful information were more alert, enthusiastic, determined, optimistic and energetic.

This group also reported feeling less depression and stress.

The study also found that individuals who are positive and upbeat are happier and wealthier than those who had a negative outlook on life.

Many famous individuals kept journals or scripted out their lives: John D. Rockefeller, Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, John Adams, Ronald Reagan and Mark Twain.

I’ve written often about the power of scripting out your ideal, future life.

Scripts create a blueprint of the ideal, future life you desire. And reading your scripts keeps you focused on the vision of your ideal life. It also helps in keeping you focused on positive outcomes.

This is important because the brain can only hold on to one thought at a time, due to its limited bandwidth. By regularly reading your script, you force your brain to devote its limited bandwidth on positivity and by default, negativity is unable to occupy your mind.

Create a script of your ideal life today. Focus on what could be and not on what is. Circumstances can be changed. Many self-made millionaires started out poor (41% according to my Rich Habits study grew up in a poor household).

If they can change their circumstances, so can you!