Leadership Series: Common Traits of Successful Leaders. Trait #4 Laser Focus

Rich Habits
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Laser Focus is the ability to concentrate for long hours at a time. It is also the ability to quickly pivot and shift to other pressing matters, deploying that same Laser Focus to solve problems or to deal with obstacles/unexpected events.

Gaining Laser Focus requires many years of Practice. It is not something that you can manifest at will. Like a muscle, it must be developed over a long period of time.

Because Laser Focus saps the body and brain of energy, a healthy lifestyle for every Successful Leader becomes a priority. To this end, Successful Leaders develop the Rich Habit of daily exercise, which must include some form of aerobic exercise.

Successful Leaders also develop the Rich Habit of eating energy-packed, nutritious meals, which helps provide the energy, Laser Focus requires. Many Successful Leaders will snack on healthy foods throughout the day, in order to replenish their energy levels.

Lastly, because Laser Focus depletes energy levels after just a few hours, Successful Leaders often incorporate some form of strategic rest into their workday, which helps to restore energy levels.

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