Life Event Calls Are the Most Powerful Phone Calls You Can Make

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One of the strategies the wealthy use to build long-lasting, valuable relationships is something I like to refer to as the Life Event Call.

These calls are made to clients, customers, patients or any relationship you value and want to grow, in order to recognize a particular event that occurred in that contact’s life.

An example would be if a client or their spouse had a child. Happiness emotions are running high right after a birth. And emotions, I learned from my Brain Research, create the most powerful memories we have.

So, when you call someone to congratulate them on the birth of a child, that call is never forgotten. It becomes a powerful memory of the person you called. They will forever associate you with one of the happiest, memorable events in their lives.

Other examples of opportunities to make a Life Event Call are:

  • Graduations
  • Promotions
  • New Job
  • Death
  • Illness
  • Marriage
  • New Home
  • Relocation
  • Any events in the lives of the children of your valuable relationships
  • Awards
  • Accomplishments

Life Event Calls put your relationships on steroids. They grow the roots to the relationship tree deeper and faster than any other relationship-building strategy.