Make Each Week Matter

Rich Habits
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You cannot change without first recognizing the need to change. Awareness, therefore, is the precursor to change. It sets the table for change to occur. And only through constructive change, will your life improve.

The difference between who you are today and who you desire to be, say ten years from now, is Constructive Growth.

By understanding ourselves, we come to grips with our strengths and our weaknesses. Only by looking in the rear view mirror is that possible. We need to reflect on our actions, behaviors and decisions in order to truly grasp which actions, behaviors and decisions are moving us forward towards growth and success and which ones are dragging us down in life. But how?

Through weekly analysis.

At the end of every week, spend some time asking yourself questions that will help open your eyes and allow you to determine if you are Growing:

  • What went right last week?
  • What went wrong last week?
  • What did I do very well last week?
  • What did I do very badly last week?
  • What did I learn last week?
  • What book(s) did I read last week?
  • What Growth did I have last week?
  • What things set me back last week?
  • Who did I help last week?
  • Who did I hurt last week?
  • How much money did I spend last week?
  • How much money did I save last week?
  • What would I have done differently last week?
  • What should I have done last week that I didn’t do?
  • Was I happy last week? Why? Why not?
  • Did I exercise enough last week?
  • Did I eat healthy last week?
  • Did I drink too much last week?

There are obviously many more questions that could be asked. The point is to start asking yourself questions. Every week.

In order to Grow, you must become Aware of your actions and then self-assess that action. Your actions should be moving you forward and helping you Grow in knowledge, skills and experience. Only through Growth will you be able to transform yourself into the person you need to be in order for success to visit you.

Everything you do matters. It either helps move you forward or it drags you down in life.

Make each week matter.