Patience and Persistence Make Luck Possible

Rich Habits
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Every human being has innate abilities. These are inborn strengths hardwired into your DNA from the moment of birth.

For certain types of self-made millionaires, the ones I often refer to as Virtuosos and Dreamer-Entrepreneurs, success is the byproduct of developing your innate abilities. But this requires investment.

For most, this investment is time – devoting significant hours, every day, to perfecting your innate abilities.

Unfortunately, few ever make that investment.


Because it takes too long.

Perfecting your innate abilities does not produce immediate rewards, and few have the patience or persistence required.

Many people call the fortuitous alignment of preparation and opportunity – luck.

In fact, there’s a very common adage: “luck comes when preparation meets opportunity”.

Those who prepare their entire lives, who invest in developing their innate abilities, eventually become beneficiaries of luck – the meeting of preparation and opportunity.

Luck was a precursor to success, for many of the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study, other than the Saver-Investor millionaires.

But, in order for luck to occur, these millionaires relentlessly devoted themselves to daily self-improvement.

After many years of perfecting their skills/abilities, luck eventually found them. And when luck strikes, success usually follows.

And what follows success?