Personality Traits for Big Company Climbers

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As many of you know, there are 4 Paths to Wealth:

  1. Saver-Investor Path
  2. Big Company Climber Path
  3. Virtuoso Path (Experts/Pros)
  4. Dreamer-Entrepreneur Path

The path that is right for you, depends upon your specific personality profile.

Below are the personality traits for Big Company Climbers:

  • Embrace Formal Education – Big Company Climbers have, at a minimum, a college degree. Some have advanced degrees, such as MBAs, specific Graduate Degrees and some even have PhDs.
  • Embrace Self-Education – Big Company Climbers devote thirty minutes or more every day to self-education. They read industry-related periodicals, blogs and books. They are students of their industry and the field they work in.
  • Political – Big Company Climbers are very political within their company and industry. Their political savvy enables them to climb the ladder within their company or industry. They built strategic alliances with higher-up Influencers within their company and industry, in the hopes that those relationships will pay dividends in the form of promotions or senior executive job offers. They are able to withstand the political back-stabbing that is common in many large organizations. They devote part of every day to building and maintaining their relationships with their Influencers.
  • Strong Work Ethic – Big Company Climbers are willing to work oppressive work hours in an effort to climb to company ladder. They are willing to travel often on company business, which takes them away from family and friends. They prioritize work over family and friends. Work comes first for Big Company Climbers.
  • High Stress Tolerance – Big Company Climbers have an innate or leaned ability to handle high degrees of stress.
  • High Risk Tolerance – Big Company Climbers are willing to take risks in an effort to climb the company ladder. They will take on high level projects and increased responsibilities in an effort to elevate their status within their company. They are willing to take the risk of the downsides of these projects/responsibilities – failing to meet expectations of others within the organization.  They will devote their work lives to one organization, knowing that their future wealth depends on the success of that organization. If the company struggles, or fails, they struggle or fail. They put all of their eggs in one basket – the company they work for.
  • Outgoing and Sociable – They enjoy working in teams and with people. They are gregarious and outgoing individuals. They enjoy socializing with others. They draw their energy from the people they work with. They enjoy speaking and presenting to both small and large groups.
  • Competitive – Big Company climbers thrive in competitive environments. They very much enjoy competing with others. They have a winner-takes-all mindset.