Prosperity Increases Longevity

Rich Habits
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In a recent report from the Brookings Institute, they found that rich people live longer than poor people. Rich men live 12 years longer than poor men and rich women live 10.5 years longer than poor women.


There is no single variable. It’s a multitude of things:

  • Rich People Work Longer – Poor people work fewer hours and retire at a younger age than rich people. How does this affect longevity? For most retirees, retirement usually means a significant reduction in productivity and a reduction in your associations. Being productive keeps the brain alert. Interacting with others at work is contributes to longevity. When you retire, those interactions drop off or stop altogether. According to Harvard Professor of Public Policy, Lisa Berkman, social isolation is a significant factor in reduced longevity.
  • Rich People Exercise More – Rich people exercise more (predominantly cardio exercise) and this improves overall health, reduces obesity rates and increases brain performance and intelligence.
  • Rich People Associate With Upbeat People – The inner circle of Poor people is typically other Poor people, while the inner circle of Rich people is other Rich people. One of the common traits of Poor people, according to my Rich Habits Study, was their negative mental outlook. One of the common traits of Rich people, according to my Study was their positive mental outlook. Associating with other negative people impairs your health. Negativity causes long-term stress, which impairs your immune system and causes chronic disease. You can’t make money if you are chronically ill. Negative people are unable to find solutions to problems because negativity narrows your focus, creativity and capacity for insight (aha moments). If you associate with other negative people they are like Miracle Grow for a negative mind. Negative people also come with baggage. This baggage often arrives at your doorstep unexpectedly, which distracts you from pursuing anything worthwhile and creates additional stress.