Proven Processes Guarantee Success

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Last year I needed to build two shelves for my new shed. I never built a shelf before, so I went online and watched a YouTube video, which gave me the step by step process to build a shelf. I had to watch the YouTube video several times and take notes before going to the hardware store to get the materials I needed. When I was ready to build the shelf, I took out my notes and followed the procedures I had written down.

It took me about an hour to build my first shelf. As I was building the shelf, I made some stupid mistakes. I made a note of the mistakes and revised my shelf-building process, so that I would not make the same mistakes on the second shelf.

It took me about thirty minutes to build the second shelf, thanks to the revised procedures, which helped me to avoid making the same mistakes I made while building the first shelf.

After I finished building the second shelf, my confidence was pretty high. So, I decided to tackle another project – building an outdoor bar, which is really just another shelf.

Behind every success story are Proven Processes. When you follow a proven process, it practically guarantees that you will succeed, in whatever you’re doing. The key is following a process that has consistently worked before.

In writing my bestselling books, I used the same process shown below:

  1. Create a Preliminary Title
  2. Create a Preliminary Table of Contents
  3. Write Chapter One (takes me about a week)
  4. Review Chapter One (takes one to two hours)
  5. Edit Chapter One
  6. Write/Edit all other Chapters, one after the other
  7. Review Manuscript
  8. Edit Manuscript at least three times
  9. Write Introduction
  10. Review Introduction
  11. Edit Introduction
  12. Write Acknowledgements
  13. Review Acknowledgements
  14. Edit Acknowledgements
  15. Send out Draft Manuscript to 10 Individuals I trust for their Review/Feedback
  16. Edit Manuscript, based on the feedback I received
  17. Final Review of Manuscript
  18. Send Manuscript in to Publisher
  19. Edit Manuscript based on Publisher Feedback

My first book, Rich Habits, took me about 18 months to complete. I made many mistakes and documented “what not to do”. Once Rich Habits was published, I took the time to create the above process, which I now follow for all of my books. Thanks to the above Proven Process, it now takes me about nine months to complete each book – basically half the time.

As I stated above, the key to succeeding in whatever it is you do, is to follow a Proven-Process.

When you have a Proven-Process, it accomplishes a number of things:

  • A Proven Process Practically Guarantees Success
  • A Proven Process Boosts Accuracy by Minimizing Mistakes
  • A Proven Process Boosts Efficiency/Speed
  • A Proven Process Boosts Your Confidence

Self-Made Millionaires create and follow Proven Processes in order to help guarantee success, in whatever it is they do. Those Proven Processes become a template for you to use over and over again, creating more and more success.


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  1. Diane on November 18, 2021 at 10:09 AM

    Great article. Thanks for sharing your book writing process! Hope your outdoor bar turns out great!