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Home Foreclosure



Damaged Relationships

Disenfranchised Family Members

Retirement Savings Wiped Out

Home Equity Wiped Out

Massive Debt

Constant Stress

Significant Time Invested

Foregoing a Salary

Twenty-seven percent of the self-made millionaire Entrepreneurs in my Rich Habits Study failed at least once in the pursuit of a dream, experiencing one or more of the above calamities during that pursuit.

Dreamer-Entrepreneurs face a tidal wave of obstacles, pitfalls, risks and adversity. Success requires overcoming all of that.

Go for your dreams but do so without rose-colored lenses. Expect adversity and prepare for it. Understand that on the other side of adversity, success awaits you.

And the byproduct of that success is wealth.

Wealth is the carrot at the end of the stick, motivating Dreamer-Entrepreneurs to take action on their dreams, despite the absurd number of hours they invest, the tidal wave of adversity they face daily, the years of sacrifice, the enormous risks they take and the roller coaster ride of uncertainty they face along their journey.

The pursuit of a dream is, therefore, nothing less than heroic and those who pursue their dreams are nothing less than heroes.

Wealth is the reward for of their heroic actions.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of society recognized this truth.


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