Requirements to be a Big Company Climber Millionaire

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As you know there are 4 Paths to Wealth. Each path has its own requirements. Not everybody has what it takes to build wealth as a Big Company Climber.

So, what does it take?

  • Long Work Hours – Like the Dreamers, Climbers have to work long hours. Most Climbers have to travel regularly. Airports, hotel rooms and taxis become a way of life. And very often, Climbers have to work during weekends and on vacations.
  • Political Expertise – Besides the hard work, Climbers must possess expert political skills. Those who do are able to outmaneuver their internal competitors – other Climbers, biting at their heels and stabbing them in the back, as opportunities present themselves. There is always some other Climber seeking to undermine you in order to advance their personal agenda, which is usually the same as yours – climbing further up the company ladder.
  • Power Relationships – Climbers need mad relationship-building skills. Those who succeed in reaching the upper echelons of a big company are almost certainly the best at building relationships, both within the organization they work for and within their industry. Building these strong, powerful relationships, however, takes time, energy and money. Frequent phone calls, constant entertainment, attending weddings, birthday parties or funerals and sending thoughtful cards for special occasions. Just managing all of those Power Relationships can take up a big part of your workday.
  • Risk – Like the Dreamer Path, the Climber Path has some unique risks. If the company struggles financially, for whatever reason, your time investment in that company may not be rewarded, to the extent you expected.