Six Types of People Every Entrepreneur Encounters in Their Quest for Success

Rich Habits
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As you pursue your dreams and goals you will meet many new people. Some will be supportive and some won’t.

Below are the six types of individuals you will encounter along your quest for success. Thanks to the millionaires in my Rich Habits Poor Habits Study, I have some valuable data that will be invaluable to you on your journey.

  1. Dream Investors – 3% of the people you meet will genuinely want to help you realize your dream. They will not only introduce you to their Influencers, they will gladly help you with their expertise, without cost to you, and they will even help you secure funding to allow you to continue to pursue your dreams/goals. Most of these individuals are self-made successes themselves. These rare individuals transform dreams into reality. they do it because they care and they can. They are priceless and very hard to find.
  2. Moral Supporters – 7% will give you moral support. They are like cheerleaders, encouraging you on, during the pursuit of your dream.
  3. Indifferent – 45% will be indifferent to you and your dream/goals. They will do you no harm. They will also refuse to help you in any way.
  4. Concerned Discouragers – About 10% will discourage you from pursuing your dreams/goals. This 10% will be family and close friends. For the most part, they don’t mean to discourage you. Most are just worried for you and your family.
  5. Insecure Discouragers – About 15% will be individuals who will discourage you primarily because you are stepping outside the Herd and doing something they lack the courage, confidence or risk tolerance to do. They discourage you because, deep down, they fear you will succeed and your success will make them feel deficient about themselves.
  6. Exploiters – 20% will seek to exploit you in some way. At first they will appear to be Investors, but in reality they are the opposite of Investors. Out of the gate, they will offer you advice and support. They may even do small favors for you. But what often gives them away is their over-the-top enthusiasm regarding the work you are doing. After about three months of working and building a relationship with you, they will show their cards and their true agenda will reveal itself. And that agenda is always the same – to separate you from your money. Exploiters do not care about your dream. What they care about is your money. In exchange for their services or expertise, they will “help you realize your dream”. Don’t fall for it. Exploiters are wolves in sheep clothing who will cost you time and money.

As a simple rule, just keep in mind that 90% of the new people you run into, during your quest for success, will not help you realize your dream. And 20% will outright undermine your ability to succeed.