Success is a Jungle Gym – Stay Focused on Your Destination

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The pursuit of success is never a straight climb. You have to navigate many obstacles, recover from mistakes and overcome rejection or being ignored.

The impediments to success force you to constantly pivot and make adjustments in order to get around or over those impediments. In a very real sense, the path to success, especially for entrepreneurs, looks more like climbing a jungle gym than climbing a ladder to success.

Because success is never a lateral ascent, you will often feel as if you are not making progress; that your efforts are not getting you closer to the top. At times you must pivot sideways or retreat or force yourself into the unknown.

Everyone’s jungle gym is different. Some have more bars, others less. Likewise, your path to success will be very different than someone else’s. Your path might take you many years, while others seem to rocket to success very quickly.

Don’t let that deter you. Keep climbing your jungle gym. Don’t worry about how others are doing because if you do, you take your focus off what you are doing and risk falling from your jungle gym.


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