Successful Entrepreneurs are Luck Magnets

Rich Habits
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Fifty-one percent of the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study were lucky. This 51% were made up primarily of Dreamer-Entrepreneurs, one of the four types of self-made millionaires, I learned exist thanks to my Rich Habits research.

While you have no control over the circumstances you are born into, you do have control over the circumstances you manufacture after birth. The vast majority of millionaires, no matter the study, are self-made – they start out either poor or middle-class.

And that’s a very good thing. 

Success for Dreamer-Entrepreneurs really boils down to a game of hide and seek. Luck does the hiding – Entrepreneurs have to do the seeking. But, as an Entrepreneur, you must look for luck in the right places. 

So where exactly do you look for luck?

Fortunately, success leaves clues.

Luck Can Be Found Outside Your Comfort Zones

Entrepreneurs are very much like scientists. They love to experiment. But in the case of self-made Entrepreneurs, they experiment with new processes, new products/services, new ideas to solve problems, and new people to help them pull their cart. Eventually, all of that experimentation pays off when you stumble upon something that works.

Luck Hides Inside Positivity

Opportunities have to be seen in order to be embraced. Positivity opens the mind to opportunities and solutions to problems. Positivity means having a positive mental outlook. It means being optimistic and seeing possibilities. It means being confident and expecting good things to happen, even when you have no right or reason to be optimistic. Luck visits optimists who keep trying and never give up.

Luck Hides Behind Courage

Creating luck, as a Dreamer-Entrepreneur, requires that you take risks. Taking risk requires courage. Courage is not the absence of fear but the pursuit of something in spite of fear. Overcoming fear is something you must cultivate as a habit. The courageous often get lucky.

Luck Hides Inside New Relationships

Meeting the right person at the right time, requires that you ….. meet people. People do not just drop in your lap and, voilà, luck happens. You have to go out and find them. You find them by joining networking groups, by volunteering at non-profits, by going to seminars, at fund-raisers, when you take up tennis, or golf, etc.

Luck Sometimes Whispers in Your Ear

Intuition is the means by which the subconscious communicates with the conscious. Your subconscious knows all and sees all. It is constantly taking in sensory data and information that is below the radar of the conscious mind. As a result, it knows things the conscious mind does not. It exists to not only help you survive but also to thrive. You need to listen to your gut. Those who do, eventually get lucky.