When You Transform Your Goals Into Daily Habits, Success Becomes Automatic

Rich Habits
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Success is a process that requires consistency. You must do certain, specific things every day in order to realize success tomorrow.

These consistent daily activities are also known as habits.

The self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study adopted certain habits that helped them achieve their goals and dreams.

In the beginning of the habit formation process, it is necessary to consistently engage in the activity you wish to transform into a daily habit. If you maintain a daily to-do list, specifically tailored to the goals you are trying to achieve, that to-do list becomes part of your success process. When you pre-populate your to-do list with repeating goal-habits, this forces you to engage in those goal-habits every day. 

Eventually, the goal-habits will become automatic – you won’t need to use the to-do list in order to engage in them. This goal-habit creation process eventually puts you on auto-pilot for success by habituating the pursuit of your goals each day. Successful people become successful through consistency and this consistency is achieved by transforming the goals behind your dreams into daily habits.