Successful People Make a Habit of Wowing Others

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Have you ever been wowed?

We remember wow events. They stick in our mind.

Wow’s happen when someone does something for you, paid or unpaid, that wow’s you. It stokes your emotions. Emotions, it turns out, create the strongest memories we have in life. When you wow someone, you create a long-term memory for that person. They will never forget what you did to wow them.

The ability to create wow events for those you serve, dramatically improves your chances of becoming successful. When what you do wow’s another person, it causes a buzz. That buzz spreads like a virus through the social networks of the individual who was wowed. Soon their family, friends and co-workers will be knocking on your door, hoping to be wow’d by you. The more people you are able to wow, the larger your herd grows. In time, if you continue to wow others, you will have a large herd.

Millionaires have thousands in their herd, deca-millionaires have tens of thousands in their herd and billionaires have millions in their herd.

One key to success, therefore, is to wow those you serve. You wow others when what you do exceeds their expectations.

When our expectations are exceeded, we remember it. And we tell others about it.

So, if you want to become a success in life, make a habit of wowing others. Consistently creating wow events will virtually guarantee success.

So go out and start wowing others. And watch your herd, and your success, grow!