Your Habits Define Who You Truly Are

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Two out of every five minutes of your life are devoted to habits. This means 40% of the time we are all zombies, unconsciously thinking and acting.

This is why, when we are confronted with the question who am I, most of us don’t know. How can you peel that onion when 40% of the time you are engaged in unconscious behavior?

The key to understanding who you are, is to track your habits, your unconscious behaviors.

Habit awareness is the key to answering the question who am I. Our daily habits reveal the answer. We cannot possibly know ourselves until we know our habits.

Habit awareness is the lens through which we are able to see our true selves. Our habits reveal who we are. Habit awareness is like pulling the curtain on our otherwise unconscious existence. Only by studying our habits will we be able to truly see, for the first time, the nature of who we are.

Habits define us. They shape our lives. If you want to understand your strengths and weaknesses, look at your habits. Some are good habits, which create a life of success and happiness, and some are bad habits, which create a life of misfortune and unhappiness.

Our strengths and weaknesses, therefore, are revealed through our daily habits. Make habit awareness a priority in your life. Only through habit awareness will you be able to answer the question who am I.


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  1. Mike A. on July 3, 2021 at 1:53 PM

    Habits are everything!!! All the success with my career; finances, and fitness, are 100% based on my daily habits.