The Famous Children of New Zealand Study Revealed the #1 Trait of Successful People

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In the mid-1970’s a team of behavioral scientists, psychologists, health professionals and many other experts from different disciplines embarked on a comprehensive and ambitious study of over 1,000 children aged 3-11 from Dunedin, New Zealand. Their goal was to analyze each child’s self-control and determine, 30 years later, how these children were doing in life.

What they found was that those children who exhibited the greatest self-control were wealthier and healthier as adults. Willpower emerged as the single greatest predictor of success and good health. It was as powerful and influential to their success as their social class, family wealth and IQ.

The bottom line is that you can be born in the best of circumstances and still struggle in life and you can be born in the worst of circumstances and become successful.

The great predictor of success in life is self-control – your ability to control your emotions, forge good habits and focus in order to get things done.