How to Become a Self-Control Machine

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Human beings are hard-wired for instant gratification. It’s a fossil of evolution which served us very well in the early days of humanity, where each day was a fight just to survive to live another day.

Two separate brain systems are at war with each other when it comes to immediate and delayed gratification. The ventromedial area of the frontal cortex is the passion system that seeks immediate gratification. The ventrolateral area of the frontal cortex is the self-control system that fights to delay gratification in exchange for some future benefit.

Those who are able to get the brain’s passion system and self-control system working in harmony with each other are more successful than those who lack self-control, according the famous Children of Duneden Study

How do you turn off the instant gratification switch?

You turn this switch off when you decide to pursue dreams and the goals behind those dreams. Dreams and goals re-program passion from it’s fondness for short-term immediate gratification to a fondness for long-term delayed gratification.

Pursuing dreams literally re-wires your brain for success.