The Foundation of Success is Built Upon the Same 4 Pillars

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For those of you who are pursuing success and wealth by following the Dreamer/Entrepreneur Path or the Big Company Climber Path, you know all too well that success isn’t easy. Oftentimes, you feel more like a circus clown, juggling many balls.

But, while success has many moving parts, every foundation of success is built upon the same four pillars.In order to succeed, therefore, you must make sure you are building your foundation upon sound pillars. If even one of your pillars is weak or unsound, your foundation will be unsound, inviting failure.

According to my Rich Habits research, there are four pillars upon which every successful, self-made millionaire in my Rich Habits Study built their Foundation of Success:

#1 Success Habits

Success is a process and that process, good or bad, is defined by your habits. Those who forge good, success habits, follow processes that automate success. Those who forge bad habits, follow processes that result in failure. Be aware of your habits. Eliminate bad habits and forge good habits.

#2 Positive Thinking

According to the latest science, negativity causes tunnel vision, limiting creativity and inhibiting your ability to think clearly. When the lens through which you view the world is negative, you see nothing but problems and become blind to opportunities and solutions.

If you’re struggling financially, a negative mental outlook acts like gasoline, fueling the flames of negativity and perpetuating a life of financial struggle.

Conversely, a positive mental outlook enhances creative problem solving. It gives you the mental tools to lift yourself up in order to overcome your obstacles.

#3 Power Relationships

Power Relationships are the true currency of the wealthy. The most successful people in the world are part of a powerful network comprised of other successful people.

Building any relationship takes time. Often, many years. If you are pursuing success via the Dreamer/Entrepreneur Path or the Big Company Climber Path, you want to devote time, every day, to building relationships with centers of influence – individuals who are in a position of power.

People who are in a position of power are able to move mountains. With one phone call they can turn a dream start-up into a Facebook. They can open the door to bankers who will fund your business or idea. They can get you that senior executive promotion. They can remove barriers that stand in your way.

#4 Daily Growth

Successful people become successful because they grow into the people they need to be in order for success to visit them.

Each individual has a circle. Inside that circle are the things you are comfortable doing. Those things inside your circle represents your comfort zone. Most do everything humanly possible to stay within their comfort zone.

When you do things that are outside your comfort zone and outside that circle, it causes discomfort. But each time you engage in an activity that causes discomfort, you expand your circle; you grow as an individual. That discomfort is oftentimes painful. Growth is painful.

Stretching your circle by engaging in activities that cause discomfort is necessary if you want to grow into the person you need to be in order to succeed.

You can’t succeed in life by staying in your comfort zone. Successful individuals force themselves to stretch and improve every day through daily study (reading), daily practice and by seeking feedback from experts.

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  1. SwiftChat Live Chat App on July 22, 2020 at 8:51 AM

    Success can be attributed to repeating the same positive habits over and over again.

  2. Jack Underwood on July 22, 2020 at 9:52 AM

    Thanks for these helpful reminders, Tom. For years I led individuals and teams in pastoral work and then in the corporate world. I was constantly encouraging those I served and supervised to expand their personal comfort zone.

    Now, as a 60 year old entrepreneur, I am facing the painful reality about my comfort zone. Your 4th point really hit home with me. My current circle is too small for me to achieve my goals and serve my clients with the highest level of excellence. The skills that helped me succeed in the past are not quite enough for the new challenges that I am facing daily. I have to force myself to be and do what makes me uncomfortable today to position myself for “success to visit” me.

  3. vdrvsd on July 25, 2020 at 8:25 PM

    Its True!!

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