The Herd Doctrine Stops Most in Their Tracks

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Human beings have a herd mindset that is simply overpowering. It’s what made Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat & Tiktok possible. People simply want to blend in. They want to follow and be part of the herd.

We are all hardwired that way, genetically.

During the early part of our human existence, we quickly discovered that when we were part of a herd, we were much safer from predators. There was safety in numbers.

The Herd Doctrine ensured the very survival of our species.

We so desire to blend in, to acclimate to society, to be a part of the herd, that we will do almost anything to avoid standing out in a crowd. It’s not theory. It’s science (

Many years ago Candid Camera decided to test this science in their famous Elevator Prank. As funny as that Candid Camera prank was, it highlighted the lengths people will go to blend in and be part of the herd.

But, while the Herd Doctrine helped humans to survive, it is also what makes it so hard for individuals to succeed in the modern world.

Separation from the herd, especially for entrepreneurs pursuing a dream, is a prerequisite for pursuing success. Consequently, entrepreneurs are almost always treated by society as outliers or non-conformists.

The entrepreneurial journey is often a very lonely one because the entrepreneurial path is a very different path than the path taken by most everyone else – the employee path.

Since so few pursue success, as an entrepreneur, the few that do, set themselves apart from everyone else.

The few successful dreamers who step outside their herd in pursuit of a dream, reap enormous financial rewards for taking risks others in your herd see as too great. So, while stepping outside the herd is lonely and stressful, the financial rewards very often dwarf those who stay within the safety of their herds – the income and wealth of the members of any common herd will almost always be equivalent to one another.

Anyone who has ever pursued a dream, can attest to the pushback they receive from members of their herd. Family, friends and colleagues will do their very best to dissuade you from perusing a big goal or life dream:

“The risk is too great.”

“What if you fail?”

“You’re throwing away your career.”

“You could go bankrupt.”

“You’re making a huge mistake.”

The onslaught of negativity is the herd’s attempt to force you back into the fold. Sadly, most acquiesce or quit at the first moment they experience adversity.

Successful entrepreneurs are somehow able to overcome the avalanche of negativity throughout their journey.

For those entrepreneurs who succeed, a very interesting thing then happens. The moment they begin to realize success, others take notice. Soon, those others will be breaking down your door in order to become part of your herd.

Success, therefore, creates the creation of its own herd.

Millionaires have hundreds, even thousands within their herd.

Mega-Millionaires have tens of thousands in their herd.

Billionaires have millions in their herd.

If you are considering pursuing a big goal or life dream, you will confront the Herd Doctrine. It’s not easy to overcome the pushback you will receive from your herd. Your very DNA will fight you every step of the way.

But it’s worth the fight.

Dreamers who succeed, accumulate the greatest wealth in the shortest amount of time, accoding to my Rich habits Study. They are at the top of millionaire mountain, looking down at all of those who were too afraid to leave their herds, in pursuit their own dreams.



  1. Nicasio Viana on December 1, 2020 at 8:16 AM

    “Anyone who has ever pursued a dream, can attest to the pushback they receive from members of their herd. Family, friends and colleagues will do their very best to dissuade you from perusing a big goal or life dream”

    Wow. This is really true! Most of those who should encourage us are usually the first ones to do the opposite. The Herd Doctrine is certainly the explanation. We belong to their herd. We try do do something different. Our herd disapproves. Then, maybe it is time for us to go and try to create our own herd. I think the main question is: Is there a right time to leave the heard? I do not think so. We will never get to the ‘perfect moment if we just wait. We must create the right moment. Otherwise we will leave our first herd.

    Thank you for the text, Mr. Corley.

    Nicasio Viana.

  2. Nicholas Harper on December 1, 2020 at 11:20 AM

    By following the Herd an individual will receive whatever the Herd gets, for better or for worse. On the other hand the outliers stand a better chance of living a better life than that of the Herd. Since we have only one life to live I’ll take my chances by stepping away from the Herd to live my dreams.