The Magical Power of Love

Rich Habits
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I’ve never been spiritual. I’m not even sure what that means, to be honest.

But, I can wrap my head around Love.

When you become a parent for the first time, you immediately understand the power of Love. Love can get you to do almost supernatural things. As a parent, I know I would do anything for my kids, even sacrifice my own life to save theirs.

Love is why I went to graduate school and worked a second job during tax seasons.

I spent three years going to graduate school at night to get my Masters degree, when my kids were very young, because I knew becoming more expert in what I did would help me make more money for my family and give my kids a better life.

That Love for my family gave me the Emotional Energy, to leave work at 6pm and spend three hours in class, twice a week, for three years. It also gave me the Emotional Energy to work a second job, 20 hours a week for seven weeks (tax season is about seven weeks long), while going to graduate school,

Imagine if you could make Love a daily habit?

Imagine if you pursued all of your Dreams and Goals, Powered by Love?

Imagine if you were doing what you do for a job, Powered by Love?

Now, imagine if everything you did, was done out of the Power of Love for others?

When you’re Powered by Love, you become energized by Emotional Energy and this gives you the ability to overcome any challenges or obstacles. It allows you to work long, hard hours, focused on achieving your Goals in the realization of your Dreams.

When you’re Powered by Love, everyone around you feels it. It emanates from your very being in the form of electromagnetic waves that infect everyone you come into contact with, making you a magnet for other individuals, also Powered by Love.

When you are Powered by Love, you and what you do, becomes a gift to every life you come into contact with.

When you are Powered by Love, your enemies become confused and defenseless, making it harder for them to interfere with your ability to achieve/realize your Goals/Dreams.

Love is a Universal Power that, when turned on, transforms you into a Super Human.

The Emotional Energy Love creates, allows you to perform at an astoundingly higher level, in everything you do.

Make living in Love a daily Rich Habit. And watch how everything about your life improves for the better.