The Quality of Your Life Depends on the Quality of Your Habits

Rich Habits
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We are not creatures of circumstances.

We are creatures of habit.

Your life is not a product of luck, fate or the circumstances you were born into, but a product of your habits.

Habits are repetitive thoughts that lead to repetitive behavior. If your thoughts are positive and upbeat, your behavior will reflect that. If your thoughts are negative and pessimistic, your behavior will reflect that.

This is why you must be conscious of the thoughts you have. Thought awareness is critical to forging good habits and eliminating bad habits. 

Habits exist to conserve brain fuel, allowing the brain to operate more efficiently. They exist to automate our thinking and behavior in order to reduce the amount of work the brain must do.

Your subconscious mind (limbic system, brain stem and cerebellum) controls habits.

Your habits define your life. They act like a mirror, reflecting the quality of the life you have.

Good habits (Rich Habits) lead to a good life.

Bad habits (Poor Habits) lead to a bad life.

Rich Habits help you build a quality life; one filled with abundance, good health and happiness.

Poor Habits contaminate your life. Over time Poor Habits will drag down you into an abyss; a black hole, of poverty, poor health and unhappiness.

Your habits affect everyone around you – your family, friends, your colleagues at work and your community.

Good habits improve relationships.

Bad habits damage relationships.

The quality of your life depends on the habits you forge. If you want to upgrade, or improve your life, you must upgrade or improve your habits.

Habits are the reason you live in a mansion on the beach or in a slum. They are the reason your children go to the best private schools, or not. Your habits are the reason you are financially free in retirement or dependent upon your children for financial help.