The Self-Made Rich Have Multiple Streams of Income

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If you’re like most people, you’ve got one stream of income – your job. And if you’re like most people you are either poor or stuck in the middle-class. 

If you want to break out of poverty or the middle-class, you need to begin creating multiple streams of income.

“But I’ve got two kids, weekends filled with running around from one sporting event to the next for my kids, kid birthday parties to attend and already too much job-related work on my plate as it is. How on earth am I supposed to find the time to add another stream of income?”

I agree. If you’re raising a family it’s not easy. It’s already hard. But, understand this, as your kids get older, it gets easier. As they near college age, your kid-related commitments begin to decline. You will eventually have more time to commit to growing those income streams.

Now, while you’re kids are young, is actually the best time to take baby steps and begin slowly building something on the side. I’m talking about no more than five hours a week here, devoting yourself to something you are passionate about and that can eventually be monetized. I’m talking about investing in yourself and your future now, so that you can reap the dividends down the road. And trust me, you’ll be glad you did because as your kids get older, their financial needs become larger. Think college tuition, funding marriage, helping them with a down payment for their own home or helping them fund college for their own kids.

Let me share some of my data with you from my Rich Habits Study:

  • 76% of the wealthy in my study were self-made millionaires. They came from non-wealthy households: 31% of these self-made’s came from poor households, 45% came from middle-class households. 
  • 16% (38 out of 233) became wealthy between age 46 and 50.
    28% (66 out of 233) became wealthy between age 51 and 55.
    31% (73 out of 233) became wealthy between age 56 and 60.
    21% (48 out of 233) became wealthy after the age of 60.
  • 65% of the self-made millionaires in my study had 3 streams of income.
  • 45% had 4 streams of income.
  • 29% had 5 streams of income.

Every single self-made millionaire started small. One additional stream, then two, then three and so on.

Each additional stream they added gave them additional wealth that they could invest into another stream.

It took the average Saver-Investor millionaires in my study 32 years to become rich. It just takes time. Time is going to pass you by no matter what. Time does not stop. In 32 years, you’ll still be 32 years older, whether or not you build those additional income streams.

For those who do invest in themselves and their future, the dividends are enormous.

Those income streams will eventually kick off enough income to allow you quit your full-time job and allow you to hire individuals to help you manage your income streams.

This will free you up to enjoy the dividends:

  • Vacation homes that become a hub for your kids and your grandchildren.
  • Financial independence during retirement, so that you don’t become a financial burden on your children.
  • Money to help your children get married or to buy their first homes.
  • The ability to fully fund college for your kids and for your grandchildren.

If you want to make your life easier down the road, you need to invest in yourself now.

Find something you are truly passionate about and that has potential to generate an additional stream of income. Passion is the key. Passion is, by far, most important attribute of most self-made millionaires, other than Saver-Investors.

When you pursue something you are truly passionate about, your are somehow able to find the time to devote to it. But you’ll never find your passion unless you experiment. You must take action and invest in yourself today in order to create the future life you desire.

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  1. Paul Curley on October 23, 2020 at 12:15 PM

    What were the most common streams of income? Was the a common order of operations of creating the streams of income? For example:
    1) Active Income via Job
    2) Investment Income via Cap Gains, Dividends and Interest
    3) Real Estate
    4) Business Launch (First side hustles, then full launch)
    Thank you,

    • pwsadmin on October 26, 2020 at 9:06 AM

      Hey Paul. #1 was Real Estate. #2 was Side Gig. #3 was Equities

  2. Richard Smyth on October 24, 2020 at 6:46 AM

    This was very inspiring and motivating to read on a Saturday Tom Thank you :), I also just ordered your newest book and have already seen massive results from your previous books. It would be great if you could do more posts on education and college cheers

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