Under Promise Over Deliver

Rich Habits
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Failing to meet expectations is the primary cause of unhappiness and discontent.

Successful people make a habit of managing the expectations of those they serve. They understand that failing to meet the expectations of others results in lost clients or lost customers. As a result, they seek to manage expectations others have in them at the outset.

They Under-Promise and then they Over-Deliver.

As a client or customer, when your expectations are met or exceeded, you not only come back for more, you also tell others.


Because you like the feeling of having your expectations met or exceeded. You like feeling happy about the product or service you purchased.

When you make a habit of Under-Promising and Over-Delivering, you tee yourself up for success. People will pay for anything that brings them happiness. They will loyally pay, over and over again, those who consistently meet or exceed their expectations.

The richest and most successful people have a tribe of loyal repeat business because they consistently meet or exceed their expectations.

Under-Promise, Over-Deliver – it’s a Rich Habit.