You Will Never Start Unless You Start Now

Rich Habits
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Pursuing anything of significance in life, takes courage. Fear is the #1 reason for not taking action on your dreams and goals. Fear causes you to rationalize, to find excuses or alibis for not taking action.

The fact is, time keeps marching on. And when that last grain of sand falls, your life will end. What follows you to your grave will be all of the dreams and goals you did not pursue.

We all have unrealized potential that is often only revealed to us when we conquer our fear and take action on our dreams and goals.

You know you’re going to die. It’s a fact. So, what do you really have to fear?

You will never start unless you start now.

Want to be a rich, successful entrepreneur? Take action on your dreams now.

Want to lose weight and get healthy? Start exercising and eating healthy now.

Want to help others less fortunate than you? Join a charity now.

Want to be the best at some skill? Start practicing and improving your skills now.

Want to become the most knowledgeable in what you do? Start reading to learn now.

Want to be the best parent you can possibly be? Give your kids unconditional love and attention now.

Want to kick an addiction? Stop now.

Want to write a book? Start writing one now.

Want to start a side gig to earn more money or build future wealth? Start it now.

Want to start saving for retirement? Start now.

Want to have more friends? Start making new friends now.

Want to be respected by others? Start earning their respect now.

Now is the time. Not tomorrow. Now.

When you take action, despite your fears, fear losses its power over you.