What Makes You Want to Transform Your Life?

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Many are not at all happy with their current life circumstances. Some, accept their misery, as if it were a prison sentence, while others embark on massive change that completely transforms their lives and sets them free.

What drives people to take the path towards transformation?

There are many reasons. Some come from a negative place and some come from a positive place.

Negative Emotions That Drive Massive Change

  • Disgust – You’re disgusted with yourself and with your life. Family and friends are likewise disgusted with you. That disgust gives you the willpower and motivation to toss away all of your bad habits and thinking and pursue a path that leads to massive transformation.
  • Envy – You see the lives that others are living and want to have what they have. Your envy stimulates you to work harder than ever before until you are able to acquire the life you desire.
  • Hate/Anger – Someone pisses you off enough that you seek revenge in the form of drastically improving yourself. You’re new and improved self is your quite revenge.
  • Remorse – You let family, friends or someone you love or admire down. You vow to never let that happen again. This remorse drives you to become the person, those you let down, hoped you would be.

Positive Emotions That Drive Massive Change

  • Love – Loves drives you to do whatever it takes to provide your family with a good life.
  • Optimism/Hope – Optimism and Hope drive you pursue Dreams and Big Audacious Goals that will improve your life and everyone around you.
  • Insatiable Curiosity – You have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and truth. Your Insatiable Curiosity takes you down rabbit holes that cause you to improve and grow.
  • Courage – You see something challenging, something few would have the courage to attempt, and you pursue the challenge as if your very life depended on it.

Know Thyself.

When you know why you do what you do, your life will come into complete focus.



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