With Faith All Things Are Possible

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It’s too bad, in my opinion, that the word faith has been co-opted by religious groups. Belief in God is a very personal thing, but not everyone believes in God.  As a result, when personal development experts use the word faith, it has a way of turning off those who do not believe in God.

And that’s too bad, because without faith, success in unattainable. You will not succeed if you do not have faith in your dreams, goals and yourself. So, I thought I’d dissect the true non-religious meaning of faith. This way, everyone will understand what it really is and why it’s so critical to success.

Faith encompasses a multitude of success characteristics: fortitude, persistence, mental stamina, grit, sticking it out during tough times, confidence, belief, conviction, certainty, hope, courage, tenacity, fearlessness, boldness, resoluteness, guts, intestinal fortitude, determination, resolve, will, willpower and toughness.

Faith means you never quit on your dreams, your goals and the pursuit of your main purpose in life. Those who have faith in their dreams, goals and their main purpose in life do not allow anything to get in their way. Faith enables you to overcome every obstacle in your path. It is an undying belief that you will succeed.

When you have faith, success is just a matter of time. When you have faith, it can transform the poorest of the poor into the richest of the rich.

Faith does not erase your doubts and your fears. Instead, it gives you the courage to keep moving forward, in spite of your doubts and fears. Faith is the most important ingredient to success. With faith all things are possible.