Reprogramming Your Brain From Negative to Positive

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We really have two brains – the New Brain (neocortex) and the Old Brain (Brain Stem and Limbic System).

The New Brain has only been around for a few hundred thousands years. From a human evolutionary perspective, the New Brain is brand new. It is the CEO of the brain and houses our executive functions. Some refer to it as the conscious brain.

The Old Brain has been around for millions of millions of years. From an evolutionary perspective, the Old Brain is very old. It houses all of our emotions and controls the autonomic functions of the body, like keeping our organs working properly without any thinking required, our immune system as well as performing numerous janitorial functions. Some refer to it as the subconscious brain.

Because our Old Brain, our emotional brain, has been around so much longer than our New Brain, it is infinitely more powerful than our New Brain. This can be a good or a bad thing.

If you were raised in a negative environment and habituated or programmed at an early age with negative emotions, then your emotional brain becomes your enemy. It will undermine throughout your entire life with outbursts of anger that destroy relationships, it will tell you to quit when the going gets tough, it will force you into a scarcity mindset using envy and jealousy as its tools and it will demand instant gratification every chance it gets.

When your emotional brain is filled with negative emotions you have absolutely no chance of succeeding in life. You will fail in life, life will be a struggle and you will be unhappy.

Fortunately, you have your New Brain to rescue you.

Your New Brain can be called into action to help reprogram your emotional brain from negative to positive. And it’s not hard at all. It’s just a three-step process.

The first part of the process is to engage in something I call Dream-Setting.

The second part is expressing gratitude every day for the things you have. Gratitude is the gateway to optimism and a positive mindset.

The third part is to create daily affirmations around new beliefs you would like to have. Examples: “I believe I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it,” “I will lose 30 pounds by X date,” “I love to exercise”. 

Customize your affirmations to reflect the future ideal person you desire to be.

These affirmations are programmed into the Old Brain as if they were goals to pursue. The Old Brain loves goals, so it will nudge you through that voice inside your head to take certain actions. As long as you continue to repeat these affirmations, the Old Brain will continue to nudge you. It won’t stop nudging you. It will nudge you in your sleep, in the shower, on the toilet, while your commuting to work, when you’re sitting on the couch or turning into a McDonalds.

As soon as you begin to shift your Old Brain from negative to positive, it will immediately begin to produce positive emotions and suppress negative emotions. It’s automatic. Stay positive my friends!

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  1. Steven Zhang on March 31, 2021 at 11:35 AM

    Happiness comes from your own success, not someone else. To have someone be happy for you is merely disrespectful to someone. Thank you. Our emotions need to be raised in a healthy, happy environment. Public schools must be taught this way at elementary age.