Your Daily Habits Show Up in the Mirror

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I come from a big family. On both sides of the aisle, mine and my wife’s, we have over 200 close relatives. We also have a large network of close friends and acquaintances.

As you get up there in age, you begin to think about your mortality. My recent focus on my mortality has opened my eyes to something that bothers me a great deal – far too many of those I love seem to be aging more than others.

The ones who are showing more wear and tear have a few things in common:

  • The don’t exercise on a daily basis
  • They eat in excess
  • What they eat is unhealthy
  • They are overweight by 30 pounds or more
  • They smoke cigarettes
  • They drink too much alcohol
  • They have lazy minds – they don’t read a lot
  • They seem to lack motivation or seem to be bored with life
  • Their health is starting to fade – hearing problems, high blood sugar, difficulty walking, back problems, breathing problems, high blood pressure, liver issues, digestive issues, frequently sick, etc.
  • They have more wrinkles

Conversely, I’ve also notice that there are a few, not many, who seem to have defied aging and they also have certain things in common:

  • They don’t eat a lot of food
  • They exercise aerobically every day
  • They lift weights
  • They eat healthy
  • They don’t smoke
  • They drink alcohol in moderation
  • They are thin and muscular
  • They have active minds – they are voracious readers
  • They are highly motivated and excited about life
  • They have a youthful glow about them

It’s jarring to see the ones you love aging before your eyes.

It’s clear to me that your daily habits show up in the mirror.

The good news is that you can change that reflection by changing your daily habits. You will age, but how quickly will you age? It all depends on what you do right now. Will you allow your poor daily habits to shorten your longevity? Or, will you take control of your life and slow the aging process down by changing your daily habits? 

Tom Corley is an accountant, financial planner and author of “Rich Kids: How to Raise Our Children to Be Happy and Successful in Life”, Effort-Less Wealth, Change Your Habits Change Your Life, Rich Habits Poor Habits and “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.”