25 Universal Truths About Success

Rich Habits
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I’ve been studying millionaires and billionaires since 2004, which is when I began my Rich Habits Study. One of the first things I noticed is that many of these successful people share certain common traits.

25 Universal Truths about success:

  1. Success takes time
  2. Emotion, good or bad, is always the primary trigger for those who decide to pursue success
  3. Success requires unrelenting persistence
  4. Most of the successful are beneficiaries of good luck
  5. Persistence creates that good luck
  6. Success requires taking educated, calculated risks
  7. Success requires consistent daily action
  8. Success requires consistent hard work
  9. Success requires sacrificing something, particularly in the early stages – family, friends, money, recreation, etc.
  10. If the pursuit of your success requires a team, the better that team, the faster your success will be and the greater your success will be
  11. Success requires consistent daily self-education
  12. Success requires a leap of faith
  13. Success requires enormous patience
  14. Success requires that you forge good daily habits and minimize bad daily habits
  15. Success requires an optimistic, positive mental outlook
  16. Success requires the development of processes that work
  17. Success is the result of adding value to the lives of others
  18. Success requires creating a herd of devoted followers. The bigger your herd, the greater your success
  19. Success requires regularly stepping outside your comfort zone, which forces you to grow
  20. Success requires laser-like focus
  21. Success requires developing expert skills or the acquisition of expert knowledge, specific to your industry
  22. Success requires you to be able to calmly handle adversity
  23. Those who succeed are able to anticipate future problems
  24. Those who succeed are able to quickly overcome problems, because they had the foresight to anticipate those problems
  25. Successful people never quit. They figure out how to survive until they thrive



  1. Miranda on February 1, 2022 at 3:12 PM

    This list is going on my whiteboard! 🙂 Love your daily articles. Look forward to reading them each morning.

  2. Shane on February 1, 2022 at 7:06 PM

    Inspiring, thank you.