Top 6 Entrepreneur Habits

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“What are the top 6 habits of entrepreneurs?”

I get asked that question a lot by the media and podcasters, so I thought I’d share my top 6 list with you:

  1. Daily Self-Improvement – Daily Growth either through daily reading to gain knowledge, going to night school, attending a seminar, webinar or listening to a podcast. Daily improvement could also entail developing a new skill or perfecting an existing skill.
  2. Daily Habit-Goals – These are daily activities that you repeat in order to achieve some Monthly Goal.
  3. Taking Action – Stop over-thinking and over-analyzing and take immediate action. What you don’t know you’ll learn from the mistakes you make. You cannot possibly know everything you need to know, so take a leap of faith and learn as you go.
  4. Finding Apostles – Every successful entrepreneur finds apostles for their cause. These are individuals who believe in you and your dream. Set a goal of finding just one apostle. As you become more successful, others will jump on board. The more apostles you surround yourself with, the easier it becomes to pull the cart and the faster your success will be.
  5. Don’t Follow the Herd – Successful entrepreneurs are leaders. They separate themselves from the herds of others and create their own herd. In the beginning they are all alone. But eventually, as they figure out what to do and what not to do, success follows and others begin to take notice, becoming followers, customers and/or clients. Millionaires have hundreds of members in their herd, Deca-millionaires, thousands and billionaires have millions.
  6. Build Valuable Relationships with Other Successful People – Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with other leaders who are experts in their industry. They exchange information, share valuable contacts and help mentor each other.



  1. James Larkin on January 31, 2022 at 7:51 AM

    Excellent Tom. Thank you