Bragging is Self-Destructive Behavior and a Poor Habit

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The objective of bragging is to try to impress others. We want people who really do not know us to think we are more important than we are, more successful than we are, smarter than we are, harder working than we are, richer than we are, make more money than we do, have more influential associations than we do, etc.

How many times have you had to endure the endless name dropping of someone you just met at some event?

When you get right down to it, people brag because, deep down, they feel inadequate in some way. Braggers are trying to sell a false narrative, typically to individuals they do not know.

According to my research on the daily habits of the rich, those who pursue success and end up becoming very successful in life, don’t brag. Many will promote what they do, such as the Virtuosos and Dreamer-Entrepreneurs, but their self-promotion is always factual – it’s never a fabrication. They are not pushing some false narrative in order to get something from someone. They are promoting reality.

Successful people are great at telling the truth about themselves by sharing their value proposition – they are great self-promoters.

And if you want to become successful in a given field, you have to learn how to become a great self-promoter.

The best self-promoters spread their fact-based value proposition to as many people as possible, which helps them make more money and build more wealth.

For that reason, being a good Self-Promoter is a Rich Habit in the sense that it helps build wealth.

Let me give you an example to highlight the difference between Bragging and Self-Promoting.

“I help people rise from poverty or the middle-class by teaching them about my Rich Habits through my books, blog, media exposure and speaking engagements.”

That’s me self-promoting.

Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

“I am a bestselling author and I’ve sold a huge amount of books. I also know Richard Branson, Robin Sharma, Dave Ramsey and I’ve been on national TV many times.”

That’s me bragging.

The truth is that I’ve sold a lot of books, but huge is stretching the truth.

I’ve met Robin Sharma, and Richard Branson once at a speaking engagement in which I was one of the speakers. They probably don’t even remember who I am. So, really, I don’t “know them”.

I got lucky and was on the Dave Ramsey show once. I doubt Dave can spell my last name.

I’ve been on national TV three times. Three times is not many times.

Bragging is about exaggerating the truth.

Self-promotion is about telling the truth. It’s fact-based.

Bragging and Self-Promotion are two very different things.



  1. Randy Larkin on June 11, 2024 at 7:26 PM

    Excellent distinction.

    Thank you