Emotions Drive Behavior

Rich Habits

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Emotions, when left unchecked, will drive your Behavior. Most often, that Behavior is to your detriment.

Those who do not have control over their Emotions are like leaves on a fall day – blowing in whatever direction the wind (emotions) takes them.

Those who have forged the daily Rich Habit of Mastering their Emotions, gain control over their Behaviors. Their behaviors have purpose, meaning and direction. They are immune to the fickle winds that represent uncontrolled emotions.

So, in order to change, you must first become the Master over your emotions.

When you emotions are in check, your behaviors will be in alignment with your dreams and goals. Your behaviors will be directed by logic and no longer by emotion.

Tom Corley is an accountant, financial planner and author of “Rich Kids: How to Raise Our Children to Be Happy and Successful in Life”, “Effort-Less Wealth”, “Change Your Habits Change Your Life”, “Rich Habits Poor Habits” and “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.”

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