Entrepreneurs Are Trapeze Artists

Rich Habits
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Pursuing success is a lot like swinging from one trapeze bar to the next.

Each trapeze bar represents a goal. Success is just the process of moving from one goal to the next.

After you achieve one goal, you have to move on to the next goal. You must continuously swing from one goal to the next, as if it were a trapeze bar.

The success process requires that you relentlessly focus on moving from one bar to the next.

Successful people do everything humanly possible to keep swinging from bar to bar.

It’s not easy because every now and then you will miss the bar and fall – you will fail to achieve the goal. And failure is painful.

Those who succeed in life, however, pick themselves up, dust themselves off, figure out what went wrong, climb up the ladder and grab on to another bar.

When you pursue success, you will fail. You will miss the goal and it will hurt, emotionally and financially.

But those who eventually succeed, make a habit of learning from their failures and mistakes and get back up on the trapeze to try again.