Every Human Being Has the Ability to Tap Into the Cosmic Library of Human Knowledge

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Since 2004, my Rich Habits research has taken me down many rabbit holes. The latest rabbit hole has occupied my mind and my time, for the better part of two years. This rabbit hole is no doubt the most bizarre and enlightening rabbit hole I have ever fallen into.

So, buckle up and please remain open-minded.

The still-evolving neuro-science on the incredible powers and complexities of the human brain recently revealed that the human brain produces electromagnetic waves (EMWs).

We transmit EMWs every time we have a thought.

Since the average human has over 70,000 “thoughts” each day, each one of us is transmitting tens of thousands of EMW-thoughts every single day.

What happens to those thoughts?

This is where my research gets interesting.

Not only is your amazing human brain a Transmitter of thought-EMWs, it is also a Receiver. Meaning, human beings have the capability to receive the thoughts of other human beings.

Humans are powerful transmitters and receivers of the thoughts and feelings of other human beings, using EMWs as the mechanism to send/receive such thoughts.

What makes this possible is something called the Pineal Gland.

The Pineal Gland, is often referred to as the “third eye” because, like our two eyes, it is attached to the Optical Nerve and its internal structure is made up of the same rods and retinal tissue found in our eyeballs. Because the Pineal Gland, like our two eyes, is attached to the Optical Nerve, the EMW thoughts it receives are converted by the brain into pictures, much the same way the brain converts the light we see with our two eyes into pictures.

Think of the Pineal Gland as a cell phone inside your brain that can send and receive messages.

This ability to instantaneously tap into the thoughts of other humans means every human being, no matter the level of education, thanks to the Pineal Gland, has the ability to tap into the Cosmic Library of Human Knowledge.