Fear of Failure Pushes You To Become Better

Rich Habits
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“Great Achievers are driven, not so much by the pursuit of success, but by the fear of Failure.” – Larry Ellison

You might think that all negative emotions hamper success. Most of the time they do. However, fear and anger are unique negative emotions in that they can actually motivate you to succeed more so than positive emotions.

Let me explain.

Fear generally holds your back from success. It stops most in their tracks. But for those who put all of their chips on the table, like the equity in their homes, failure is not an option.

For those with everything on the line, fear of failure pushes you to work harder, creatively think outside the box and force you to put your ego aside by asking others for help.

Succeeding in the face of failure gives you superhuman courage, especially when that failure means personal bankruptcy and homelessness for you and your family.

When you have no choice but to succeed, fear of failure becomes your greatest asset.

When you put yourself into situations in which failure is not an option, you will surprise yourself. You will have no choice, really, but to become better at whatever it is you do.

Humans have an incredible ability to rise to the occasion, especially when their backs are up against the wall.