Find Your Superpower and Your Life Will Change Dramatically

Rich Habits

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When Michelle Phan was six years old her father left. She and her Mom were forced into abject poverty. She couldn’t invite friends to her home as her home was a single bedroom they rented in another family’s house. Her bed was a sleeping bag and her dresser was a cardboard box. Her Mom worked 14 hour days, every day, just to afford that single bedroon.

At age 26, Phan found her superpower – makeup. Phan was able to build a multi-million-dollar beauty and lifestyle empire reportedly valued at $500 million. The day she launched her cosmetic empire, Phan called her Mom and told her she didn’t need to go to work the next day.

J.K. Rowling was so poor, her home was her car. Homeless and with a child to raise, J.K. found her superpower – writing. Her Harry Potter books have sold more than 400 million copies, making her the first billionaire author in history.

The circumstances you were born into do not define your future. It doesn’t matter where you start. What matters is what you do with the blank canvas each of us is given in life. Those who find their calling in life, fill the canvas of their lives with amazing dreams – dreams they transform into reality.

Tom Corley is an accountant, financial planner and author of “Rich Kids: How to Raise Our Children to Be Happy and Successful in Life”, Effort-Less Wealth, Change Your Habits Change Your Life, Rich Habits Poor Habits and “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.”