Finding That Motivation to Achieve Great Things

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Every person has limitless potential to do and be something great. It does not matter where you start out in life – you can start out homeless and poor and still become a millionaire or a billionaire. The only thing that does matter is that you want to succeed. There has to be a deep, inner drive to succeed. That driver must be something that taps into your emotions.

It is virtually impossible to achieve success, realize your dreams or accomplish your goals without tapping into your emotions. All motivation comes from some emotion, whether positive (i.e. passion or enthusiasm) or negative (i.e. disgust or fear).  Emotion triggers motivation. It sets everything in motion. You need a driver, something meaningful that allows you to tap into your emotions if you want to do anything significant with your life.

How do you find that driver, that trigger, that taps into your emotions and that motivates you to do something important in life?

You Must Find Your WHY

Everyone who wants to realize a dream or achieve their goals must have a big WHY. Your WHY could be: your kids, your spouse, a fear of poverty, a fear of failure, to realize a dream or, vision, disgust with some aspect of your life, to make someone you love or admire, proud of you, to prove someone wrong, to be like someone you admire, to be free from someone or something in your life, or to overcome something (handicap, poverty, rejection, etc.).

Finding your WHY means you have found that thing (your driver) that taps into some strong emotion. That driver is the catalyst which inspires you to achieve something great. Everyone has a WHY. Find your WHY and you will unleash the emotional part of your brain that will motivate you to achieve and succeed.

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