Using Group Think to Transform Your Life

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By the time the world woke up to the frightening emergence of the Nazi regime, Group-Think had already infected most of Germany. Somehow, someway, most of the non-Jews in Germany were brainwashed, as a group, into believing Jews deserved to be persecuted.

The Nazi’s proved that Group-Think works, good or bad, and that it is very powerful.

Being part of a group changes how you think and behave. It changes your habits and the direction of your life. We see Group-Think at work in sports teams, large corporations like Google, self-help organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous and Weight Watchers and we even see it within the family unit.

For those struggling with poverty, who would like to become wealthy, finding a group of like-minded, success-oriented people who can help lift you up, will fast track your escape from poverty and rise to riches.

But how do you find the right group of individuals to join?

That is the million dollar question.

The first step requires self-assessment. You need to define the future life you want to have. To do this, you must ask yourself a few fundamental questions:

  1. What does my future life look like?
  2. What does the future me do for a living?
  3. What type of people does the future me associate with?
  4. Where does the future me live and work?
  5. What skills and knowledge does the future me possess?

You need to clearly define what type of life you desire.

Once you have done this, the next part of the process is to find people who share your dreams, goals, lifestyle, thinking, etc. It’s not that easy.

But there are two shortcuts.

#1 Form a Mastermind Group

Organizing a Mastermind Group of like-minded people is a good start. All you need is four, besides yourself. Mastermind Groups typically meet for an hour once a week, either physically, virtually of by conference call.

The key to the success of the group are two things:

  1. Consistency – You must consistently devote time to your Mastermind Group. If your group meets once a week, at a minimum you’ll have to devote an hour a week to the group. But the reality is that successful Mastermind Groups exist to help each of the members reach their goals and achieve their dreams. In a sense, your Mastermind Group is helping each other pull their cart. If you have four other members in your group, that means you will have to devote time every week to helping each one of the four members. That help might be an hour or two each week, bringing your time commitment up to three hours. The beauty of forming the right Mastermind Group is that each member can tap into their relationship base to help the other members achieve their goals and realize their dreams. Ben Franklin got his start with a Mastermind Group. So too did Steve Jobs and many other successful people.
  2. Common Goals/Dreams – Mastermind Groups that realize the most success include individuals who are all pursuing the same goals and dreams. For examples: If you are a science fiction author, all of the members of your Mastermind Group should be other science fiction authors. If you are a Hyundai new car dealer, all of the members of your Mastermind Groups should be other Hyundai new car dealers. Every member of your Mastermind Group must be doing the same exact thing. This way you can leverage Best Practices as well as Best Relationships (Influencers within the same industry).

#2 Join a Local Non-Profit

Many of the individuals who are on the board and committees of local non-profits happen to be among the most successful individuals within their community. Over time, you will forge strong relationships with these board and committee members and they will open doors for you through their powerful networks. They will refer you business, introduce you to their power relationships and also help you with your goals and dreams.

If you are disgusted with your life and want real change, you need to change your environment. That environment is made up of people you associate with regularly. That means, in order to change your life, you need to change who you associate with. When you find the right group of success-minded individuals your life will begin to change almost immediately.


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  1. Clementine on April 1, 2021 at 8:37 AM

    Hello from France,

    I’m Clementine and I want to thank you very much for your rich advises. I’m on the way of changing completely the direction of my life.

    And these steps will help me a lot. I start right now… I ‘ll give back my story … I’m sure it will be good to tell….
    I’m looking for a mentor to help me change and build my business…

    Thank you so much for your inestimable work.