Focus on the Process, Not the Outcome

Rich Habits
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It took the average self-made millionaire, between 12 – 32 years to become “rich”, depending on the path they chose to become wealthy.

That’s a long time, don’t you think?

I asked many of the millionaires, particularly the entrepreneurs, if they ever got so disheartened that they wanted to quit. Most said, “No”.

In fact, they told me I was looking at the pursuit of success and wealth all wrong. They said I was focusing on the wrong thing.

Rather, they told me that they were mostly grinding it out, on autopilot, thanks to the habits and processes they forged during their journey to success. Each day they worked hard, focusing on the “process”, and payed little to no attention to the desired outcomes, AKA Goals.

And because they focused on the process and not goals (outcomes), they were better able to maintain mental equilibrium, which kept them in the game.

Here’s the logic – failing to achieve any goal you are passionate about is very disheartening. I know from much experience. It causes negative emotions, loss of confidence and fosters doubts. If you continue to fail to achieve your goals, this can cause you to quit on yourself.

As one of my “millionaires” said so perfectly:

You can only control your efforts, you cannot control your outcomes.

What they were really saying was stop focusing on goals.

Just consistently do your best every day. Create a process, stick with it and do not focus on the outcomes.

There are many variables that lead to success. Some you can control and some you will never be able to control.

What you can control is how hard you work and your process/habits.

And that is why my Rich Habits stuff is so important. The right habits put success on autopilot. They are the “process” that leads to success.

When you forge good habits, there’s no thinking, no emotions, just doing. Rich Habits transforms you into a sort of Success Zombie.