Goals Are the Transportation System to Your Dreams

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People with vision are called visionaries. They’re looked up to and admired. But the real winners in life are visionaries who take action on their vision. Real visionaries relentlessly pursue their vision.

The way you do that is with goals.

But there’s a misconception surrounding goals. Many believe goals are something you strive for. “I want to be a CPA”, many will tell you, is a goal.

No, it’s not.

“I want to be a CPA” is a vision, a dream.

The real goal is “I want to study two hours every day for the CPA exam”.

You see, goals are the transportation system for your dreams. They are the action steps you take in order for your vision, you dream, to become a reality.

Real visionaries, the ones who succeed, understand this. They set a broad vision and then build goals around that vision.

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