Luck Visits the Persistent

Rich Habits
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There are no guarantees of success when you pursue a dream. It’s really hard to turn a dream into reality.

Ask any entrepreneur who’s tried and failed or tried and succeeded. They’ll tell you straight up that the pursuit of a dream was way harder than they thought it would be. 

But while it’s hard to realize a dream, it is impossible to turn a dream into reality without persistent action. You need to go after your dreams every day by taking action.

I’ve written often about luck being the key to entrepreneurial success. But, luck is illusive. It’s like a kid playing hide and seek.

However, when you take action on your dreams every day, luck eventually runs out of hiding places. Luck is the byproduct of persistence. So persistent action creates luck.

This is why I emphasize the importance of habits. Habits automate action. When you forge the right habits, the Rich Habits, your actions automatically become persistent. Persistent action creates the opportunity for good luck to occur.